Enact Deployment Resources

We’re dedicated to providing the educational content needed to help the new user get comfortable with Enact and start down the deployment path. All the resources below align with our Enact Deployment Guide.

For a quick introduction to the Enact deployment methodology, try our eLearning module.

The deployment guide divides the methodology into several phases.

Preparing to Launch Your Proof of Concept

The first steps don’t involve any software configuration at all. They’re all about preparing for success by assembling the right team, defining what success will look like, and starting down the Enact learning path. Having all those in place will make the subsequent steps much easier.

Start Small

When you’re implementing a new software platform, it’s easy to start feeling overwhelmed if you try to tackle your entire scope from the onset. You need to give yourself and all your team members time to get comfortable – to “learn the ropes.”

  1. Create Your Process Model

  2. Assign Parts to Your Output Part Family

  3. Assign Features to Your Part Family for the Operation

  4. Assign Process to Your Operation

  5. Establish Specification Limits

  6. Enable Manual Data Collection

Demonstrate Your Success

Once a strong foundation for the proof of concept has been established, it’s time to exercise it on the shop floor. The goal of this section is to meet the definitions of success that were established at the start of the implementation and be able to clearly demonstrate that to the stakeholders.

  1. Commence Proof of Concept

  2. Review Data and Prepare Findings for Management

Repeat and Expand

After demonstrating success to the stakeholders, the project should have some momentum as well as buy-in from the user base. This is where the implementation can expand and perhaps gain some complexity.

  1. Decide on an Expansion Path
  2. Determine Standardizations

  3. Explore Advanced Features