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Welcome to the Enact Learning Center, where you can learn about all things Enact on your time and at your pace. Best of all, these learning modules are absolutely free!

Enact eLearning

Enact learning modules are concise, interactive, and informative, providing a flexible and convenient learning experience with self-administered testing to ensure you learned all you need. It's time to start learning about Enact!

Just Getting Started?

We know that implementing a new software platform can be a potentially intimidating experience, but it doesn’t need to be. We’ve assembled a collection of resources specifically designed to help brand new users get comfortable with Enact, and they’re all aligned with our Enact Deployment Guide.

Phase 1 - Core Concepts

The goal of this phase is to provide the foundational knowledge needed to begin configuring and using Enact. Upon completion, the student should feel confident in setting up simple Process Models with manual data collection for a single administrator-level user using the Work Dashboard.

  1. Enact Interface Tour
  2. Enact Data Model
  3. Specification Limits
  4. Process Hierarchy
  1. Enact Process Models
  2. Data Collection - Basics
  3. Work Dashboard
  4. Enact Deployment Methodology

Phase 2 - Intermediate

The goal of this phase is to build on the learning of Phase 1. An analysis Dashboard will be added, and the solution will be expanded to multiple users. Additional data collections using attribute and checklist data will be created.

  1. Parameter Sets
  2. Introduction to Raw Data Tiles
  3. Dashboard Basics
  4. Roles, Access Levels, My Processes
  5. Enact Licensing
  1. Data Collection - Attribute
  2. Data Collection - Checklists
  3. Event Workflows
  4. Data Download Options

Phase 3

This phases will explore the advanced functionalities of Enact that will help take your quality solution to the next level.

  1. Shifts
  2. Tags and Lots
  3. Control Limits
  4. Production Assignments
  5. Timed and Triggered Data Collections
  1. Calculations
  2. Language Labels
  3. Gauge Agent Introduction
  4. Gauge Agent Configuration

Phase 4

This phase will introduce Enact data aggregation as well as interaction with external data sources.

  1. Aggregated Data
  2. Stream Grading - Basics
  3. Stream Grading - Roll Ups
  1. Introduction to Aggregated Tiles
  2. Automated Data Collection - Basics