Creating Subgroup Data Collector

The Subgroup Data Collector acquires live data from the data source (for example, DMS) and compiles it into subgroups.

When submitting subgroups without a part or a lot, the Subgroup Data Collector uses existing production assignments to determine the part and lot that correspond to the process. This will only work if there is one production assignment for the process. If there are zero production assignments or two or more production assignments, the Subgroup Data Collector ignores the subgroups.

When submitting subgroups for a process in an idle state (that is, Process State Type = "Idle"), the Subgroup Data Collector ignores the subgroups. If the process is in any other state (for example, Startup or Shutdown), the Subgroup Data Collector will store the subgroups, since these process state types could be for active startup and shutdown procedures with associated checks. If you consider the process to be fully paused or shut down and do not expect to receive data, you should set the process to an idle state.

When adding or modifying a Subgroup Data Collector, the Subgroup Data Collector dialog box opens.

  1. To configure the Subgroup Data Collector, do the following:

  2. Click the OK button.