Managing Lot Report Tiles

The Lot Report tile displays a set of statistics for one lot at a time, as well as, if available and enabled, statistics for component lots of the selected lot. The statistics are organized by feature or feature tag selected in the current parameter set or dashboard filters, which allows you to review the overall quality of a batch before accepting or rejecting it. To view the statistics, the lot must be aggregated (Lot Testing = Completed and/or Lot Status = Closed) and it must contain subgroup data. If the lot is not aggregated, Enact displays the lot name, part, and current lot status, along with the message Lot is not yet complete. If the lot is aggregated but doesn't contain subgroups or you have excluded the features in the current parameter set or dashboard filters, Enact displays message No data collected.

When you select the parameter set on the dashboard, it will affect the contents of this tile.

  1. In the aggregated dashboard toolbar, select Add Tile and then select the Lot Report tile.

  2. In the Lot drop-down list, select the desired lot. HintClosedTo locate the desired lot, begin typing a string within the lot. For example, to locate Lot Name, you can type lot or you can type nam.

    Enact filters the available lots by the parts, part tags, lots, lot tags, and lot statuses selected in the current parameter set or dashboard filters.

  3. To enable lot genealogy, allowing you to trace finished good components, component origins, and poor quality sources, as well as select lots for recalls, activate the Include lot genealogy slider, and then do the following:

    1. To view all inputs for each output, select Output.

      To view all outputs for each input, select Input.

    2. In the Levels drop-down list, select the desired number of genealogy levels (maximum of 7).

  4. Select Apply.
  5. In the Lot Report tile, you can do the following:

    • Selecting Parameter Sets